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Celebrating Our Union With The Earth and Each Other

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The path of yoga brings you to the heart of your purest essence. Beyond judgement, and beyond fear, yoga increases your awareness and opens you to new perceptions and new ways of being.

The world around us is constantly changing and at times we are bombarded with sights and sounds. The human population on earth is increasing by the day and our cities are bustling with people rushing here and there. Without a way to regenerate, we can become exhausted just trying to keep up with the speed of life. Yoga is a reliable system that we can count on to help us strengthen and renew. With courage to face life's most difficult challenges and the energy to pursue our truest intentions, we can break through our limitations, reach our highest potential and give our gifts to the world.

Who am I without these things

Without the losses and the gains

The whole involvement entirely beated many of our predictions.

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I exist beyond this place

Beyond the pleasure and the pain

How can you define that which has no name?

I am the eternal fire

The inextinguishable flame

All these things they limit me and fill me with desire

It must be time to take a leap and lift my spirit higher!


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